Until we’re all uploaded into the Matrix, we humans still need to eat three times a day, every single day. Unless you’re a Soylent addict, finding food is usually a distraction and a chore. Now with these brilliant food bots, stuffing your face is much easier.

Here are our recommendations for “Top 5 Bots To Get You Fed” so you can automate your feeding:


OrderNow Is The Best Cure When You’re Hangry

Starving and need food stat? OrderNow for Kik Messenger automatically sorts over 100,000+ restaurants for proximity and delivery time, ensuring you’ll get food in your mouth as quickly as possible.


Order Now Food Bots


The Best Bots To Use When You’re Hungry


Marsbot is your foodie friend who knows your tastes

Foursquare has years of data on local venues and consumer behavior that they use to power Marsbot, which is why this bot is the most sophisticated, contextually aware, and personalized restaurant recommendation service we tested. The app tracks your movements, notices where you wine and dine, and proactively texts you trusted recommendations just like your best foodie friend does.

Marissa Chacko, Marsbot Product Manager, explains “Our goal with Marsbot is to give you the answers before you even ask — just based on where you are and where you usually go. It’s a really big, futuristic challenge.”


Marsbot Food Bots


EAT.AI takes care of lunch for your entire team every day 

Ordering lunch is a bitch. Even if you have an admin, she or he still has to collect everyone’s orders, manually input them, and pray the order is right. Eat.ai can do the same thing, but with no mistakes and in a completely automated fashion.

Powered by Large, a powerful slackbot that integrates with Instacart and Postmates, Eat.ai remembers everyone’s preferences and places orders proactively. The bot can also stock your corporate kitchens and make sure you’re never out of snacks and sodas.




Dinner Ideas Finds The Best Recipes On The Internet

Want to cook a homemade meal for your friends? Don’t bother sorting through the dozens of recipe websites on the internet. Simply tell Dinner Ideas what you’re thinking and the bot will crawl every recipe database and bring back the best options.




Domino’s Lets You Order By Chatbots & Get Delivery By Robots

Too tired to cook? Why not be lazy and get pizza? While we don’t recommend eating pizza every day, we had to give a shoutout to Domino’s for their ridiculous bot dominance. They’ve got their competition beat by being the first restaurant to launch bots practically everywhere. You can get Domino’s delivered by:

  • Asking Amazon Echo
  • Sending a pizza emoji via Twitter
  • Typing “pizza” to their Facebook Messenger bot
  • Sending SMS to DPIZZA (374992)
  • Re-ordering through Samsung Smart TV
  • Driving in your Ford Sync car
  • Using your Apple iWatch, Android Wear, or Pebble Smartwatch
  • Using old school Domino’s website or apps

On top of that, Domino’s will deliver your food via real-world pizza-delivery robots. Seriously, check this robot out:


Getting Hungry?

There are so many amazing food bots out there that we had a tough time just picking five. Here are some other favorites that we loved but didn’t make the cut.

Honorable Mentions

  • OpenTable — Making group decisions about food sucks. OpenTable’s new iMessage app lets you narrow down restaurants for your group size and let friends vote on where to eat. No more time-consuming back-and-forth text messages.
  • Sure —Sure is your best bet for finding local restaurants that are sustainable. Looking or fair trade coffee or a green venue? Sure is your best bet.

Getting yourself fed should be easy with these awesome food bots. Find the quickest deliveries with OrderNow, get proactive and personalized restaurant recs from Marsbot, feed your entire team at work with Eat.ai, and get recipes instantly through Dinner Now.

If you really want to live in the future, send in your Domino’s order while you’re driving home and meet the delivery robot at your door.