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If you’re an executive leading an AI company, an AI researcher or engineer, or a recognized expert in a related space, we’d love to promote your original content on Simply follow the editorial guidelines below to understand what we’re looking for and determine if your articles are a good fit.

Unfortunately, we DO NOT accept submissions from content marketers or freelance writers who lack professional working experience as either a business leader or technologist in the field of AI. While we respect your editorial skills, AI and machine learning are highly technical subjects which have been hyped up and misrepresented in the media by writers who have no subject matter expertise.

Editorial Guidelines


Original and Relevant
We prefer content all-new and all-you. Do not repurpose existing work that has been published elsewhere on the web. Make sure that you check all your facts and attribute accurately. Any content submitted will have a two-week exclusive on our site. After that, feel free to do whatever you want with it (as long as you remove any images we purchased or created).

Please do NOT self promote. This includes using screenshots of your own product or service in a promotional way. The content on TOPBOTS is aimed to be educational. If you are unsure, ask yourself “Would someone who does not know me or my company find this article useful?” You can include a single link to relevant material housed on a website, with our editorial team making the final decision.

Content Type
We welcome a variety of articles of intermediate and advanced levels. We seek to provide actionable articles based on real-world results to our readers. Our readership is composed of business executives, entrepreneurs, investors, product developers, AI researchers & engineers, and academics. Our goal at TOPBOTS is to educate and inform society and businesses about applied artificial intelligence — how they work, how to build them, how to implement them, etc.

All submitted articles must be at least 500 words, but, since we edit each submission, we recommend new authors send us a draft of at least 1,000 words. Be sure to include plenty of quality advice and examples. Cut the fluff and keep the details meaty.

Make sure your content has a strong headline and opener to attract readers. If you are unsure of the headline, suggest a few headlines we will pick the best one.

When you refer to a name, company, tool, or quote, include a link to the source so readers can discover more, like this: Book a TOPBOTS speaker for your conference. Use the source’s original link whenever possible, not a derivative article.  

Link to at least one other relevant TOPBOTS post if relevant.  This allows readers to find additional resources on our site, and helps us track unauthorized copies of your work.


Images and Video

Every article requires a relevant feature image with a minimum resolution of 1600 x 800 px that has been compressed for web usage. 

We recommend one relevant image for every major section of your article because this makes your content more engaging. However, you should only use images that are appropriate for your content. Do not use images just for the sake of using images. If possible, avoid using images that come across as cheesy or very obviously look like they are stock photos. Original and / or authentic images are best. 

Please don’t stack multiple images without text in between. Whenever possible, use the highest resolution images you can find.

Make sure you own and have rights to all content submitted with your article or have pulled the image from Creative Commons or Shutterstock, where we have an enterprise license. Include proof of your media usage rights with your article submission.

When using screenshots, highlight important points with a red circle or box and explain how the image refers back to the copy / point you’re making in the text.

You may use video in your posts. If you would like to link to other YouTube and Vimeo videos, include the URL to the video and we’ll embed the media.



You own it and retain all rights to your content. However, once published on our website, we receive a two-week exclusive license and a non exclusive transferable license for us to use and promote the content in perpetuity on our site and elsewhere.

After the two weeks of exclusive publication on TOPBOTS, you’re welcome to republish the content on your company site, personal blog, or on your preferred social media channels.


Article Review and Publication

Editorial pieces can take up to 4-8 weeks to become publication-ready. Once submitted, we will contact you if we need additional information, edits, images, or rewrites.



Topics: Real-world campaign data / actionable strategy. Not self promotional.

Copyright: Author / Owner retained.

Exclusivity: 2 weeks with lifetime non-exclusive use after that

Article length: 500 to 1,500 words

Picture / Video Sizes and attribution: Include one if you have one.

Links: Non-affiliate / non-promotional links allowed. Preferably also include one to another TOPBOTS article.

If you have any questions, contact us using the form below. We look forward to your submission!

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  • Did you read the editorial content guidelines above in detail? We strictly filter out inappropriate submissions.
  • Are you submitting a pre-written article? Always include a link to a draft or post.
  • Are you pitching a feature story? Do not be vague. Include an outline and important details.

If your piece is a good fit for TOPBOTS, we’ll respond within 2-3 days. If you haven’t heard from us in over a week, we’re unable to use your content, but you’re welcome to submit new pieces for consideration.


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