You already know diet and exercise are important for you, but you still don’t want to get off the couch. The good news is if you can spend all day chatting with your friends on your smartphone, then you can chat with one of these fitness bots to inspire yourself to get up and get moving. Maybe then you’ll also have better luck with our best bots for getting laid.

Without further ago, here are our picks for “Top 5 Bots To Get You Fit”:


Bots That Will Motivate You To Work Out & Stay Healthy


1. FitCircle gives 5 minute workouts that fit into your life

Don’t have time to work out? Nonsense! If you can spare five minutes to read this article on getting fit, why don’t you actually get off your ass and get fit with FitCircle? FitCircle is completely free and features 5 minute long workouts you can do anywhere and anytime without any specialized equipment.

So, stop reading right now, go try out the FitCircle bot, do one of the 5 minute workouts, and come back and finish this article. Go ahead, we’ll be right here waiting for you. Better come back sweaty!


2. GymBot Effortlessly Tracks Your Workouts

Even if you do work out regularly, anyone who’s ever used a fitness tracker app knows that tracking workouts is a pain. After all that hard work, no one wants to tap 30 times to log the details of your training.

GymBot eliminates the waste by enabling you to send in workout stats in a single sentence. Simply type your exercise, the weight you used, the number of repetitions, and the number of sets, like “Butterfly 30 / 15 / 3” and GymBot will remember everything for you.

Watch this demo video to see just how easy GymBot is to use:


3. CountIt Lets You Beat Your Colleagues In Fitness Challenges

Sometimes you just need a bit of social motivation to kick up your exercise regimen. If you’ve got any of the popular fitness trackers — Apple iWatch, Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone, Garmin, etc — then you can inflict your jealousy-inducing athletic prowess on your colleagues by challenging them on CountIt.

CountIt is a slackbot that gets entire teams and offices moving with community fitness goals, team vs. team challenges, and real-world rewards. You get much more than bragging rights when you best your rival departments. Your competitive spirit can be rewarded with Amazon gift cards, Fandango movie tickets, Starbucks lattes, and even Chipotle burritos.

Add the CountIt bot to your Slack team today and let the games commence!


CountIt Slack Bot Best Fitness Bots

CountIt lets you battle your colleagues in fitness competitions to win real rewards like burritos and movie tickets.


4. Forksy Tracks Your Meals & Scolds You For Unhealthy Choices

No one can appreciate your six-pack abs if they’re covered by 3 inches of fat. For weight loss, eating smart is far more effective than exercising more. After all, the math is simple. To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn.

While you might sweat up a storm in your Bikram yoga or cross-fit class, exercise consumes far fewer calories than we like to imagine. You can lose 350 calories either by jogging for half an hour or by dropping 2 bottles of soda from your diet. Sad but true.

That’s why Forksy is a must-include in our best fitness bots list. This Facebook Messenger and Telegram chatbot helps you and your friends fight ingrained, unhealthy eating habits by tracking what you eat. Be wary of eating that tasty-looking fried chicken. Forksy will call you out on your guilty pleasures and even have your friends monitor what you eat and comment on poor choices.


Forksy does not approve of you eating fries instead of veggies.

Forksy does not approve of you eating fries instead of veggies.


5. Whole Foods finds healthy recipes using emojis

How do you stop Forksy from chiding you for not eating enough veggies? Better start picking healthier choices for meals. Luckily Whole Foods, dubbed “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store”, has the perfect bot companion to guide you while you grocery shop.

The coolest part about the Whole Foods bot is how you can search for recipes using emojis. Instead of typing tapping your keyboard to spell out entire foods, you can simply send along emojis of healthy fruits and vegetables. Just stay away from the pizza, hamburger, and french fries emojis!


You no longer have to type any words to get delicious recipes. Simply input emojis!

You no longer have to type any words to get delicious recipes. Simply input emojis!


Who Needs Weight Watchers When You’ve Got Bots?

There are fitness bots for every type of fitness regimen, but we couldn’t feature them all in our “Top 5” coverage.

Honorable Mentions

  • HealthyBot — A Slack bot that makes the workplace a happier and healthier place.
  • Arnold Bot — Like the bot’s namesake, you’re probably already absurdly fit if you’re an Arnold bot user. The bot creates personalized multi-week bodybuilding and supplement plans for those who love to work out.
  • Running Mate — Love running but hate doing so alone? Running Mate for Telegram lets you find nearby running buddies so you can get fit together.

With the best fitness bots, working out is just as easy and fun as texting with your friends. If you’re short on time or motivation, FitCircle and CountIt push you over your laziness hurdle. GymBot tracks your workouts effortlessly so you can look back on your progress with pride. Forksy and Whole Foods help you make the hard but important daily dietary choices that will keep you lean and mean.