Artificial intelligence and chatbot fever has infected the finance industry. Industry stalwarts like Bank of America and Capital One as well as darling startups like NerdWallet and Stripe have all put huge bets on finance bots to keep their cash flows humming.

After all, if bots can help you sweet-talk your way to getting laid, surely they can help you fatten your wallet. Instead of taking a personal finance course or reading “expert” investor blogs, just get friendly with our top 5 personal finance bots to make (or save) you money:


The Best Bots For Personal Finance


1. NerdWallet Finds The Best Credit Cards For You

A 50,000 point bonus or 3% cash back from the right credit card can mean way more dough in your bank account at the end of the year, but digging through the fine print of various offerings is a pain. NerdWallet’s a wealth management consultant in your pocket that finds you those exceptional credit card deals — as well as better mortgage, insurance, and brokerage rates.

NerdWallet recently integrated a chatbot into their mobile app that collects your personal goals and information before introducing you to a human financial advisor.


Nerdwallet Finance Bots

Ever wanted a personal, on-demand wealth manager? NerdWallet is your answer.


2. Wally Maxes Out Your Credit Card Points

Once you’ve found a credit card that gives you great bonuses and rewards, don’t you want to actually take advantage of them? Wally the Bot is out to help you do just that.

From stacking up on loyalty points to comparing the merits of different credit card providers, Wally will show you which card to use for every transaction you make. With Wally, you’ll never need to worry if you’re using the best card for dining, retail purchases, hotel accommodations, and other expenses.

Just don’t ask Wally about which fitness regime to adopt or how to pick up more dates. He’ll gracefully tell you those topics are outside of his domain. Talk to our top five fitness or dating bots to level up your non-finance game.


Wally Finance Bots

Wally tells you which credit card to use for specific types of purchases, like travel, hotels, e-commerce, etc.


3. Digit Pays Your Future Self By Automating Your Savings

Saving is like diet and exercise. You know they’re good for you in the long-run, but they suck to do in the short-run. Luckily the Digit bot simplifies saving by moving extra cash from your checking account to your savings account automatically. Trust us, your future self will be very pleased your present self signed up for Digit.

The service links your checking account to a secured Digit savings account where you build your stash over time. Then Digit analyzes your income and spending patterns and saves a little of your money ($5 — $50) every week. You won’t even notice the difference! The only dilemma you’ll face is when your savings have grown so large that you can’t decide whether to spend it on a grand vacation, a fancy new gadget, or an investment fund.


Digit helps you automate your savings with an iOS app and an SMS bot.

Digit helps you automate your savings with an iOS app and an SMS bot.


4. Abe Scolds You For Spending Too Much Money

Like his presidential namesake, Abe is an honest bot who you can trust to handle all your money matters. Once you link him to all your financial accounts over a secure connection, he’ll help you spend money like a financial virtuoso.

Tell him you want to go on vacation and he’ll tell you which destinations are in financial reach. Abe guides you to spend within your means and is also on the watch for nasty changes like sudden interest rate hikes on your credit card. He’ll even scold you when you’ve blown past your financial goals by spending recklessly.

With such a smart financial advisor, you’ll never need to log into your bank accounts again. Abe’s right there with you on Slack, but will soon be available everywhere.


Abe is a Slack bot that helps you stick to your spending budget.

Abe is a Slack bot that helps you stick to your spending budget.


5. Truebill Eliminates Runaway Charges

We’ve all been surprised with unexpected charges on our credit cards. Maybe you forgot to cancel a free trial, unwittingly opted into a subscription, or were a victim of a scam.

When shit happens, you need a true blue hero to blast these unfair charges off your credit card statement. Truebill tracks and monitors your paid subscriptions and cancels those you don’t want in a matter of seconds. This police bot helps users save $512 annually on the average, making Truebill an indispensable part of your financial bot army.


Get rid of unwanted subscriptions by using the Truebill bot to protect your accounts.

Get rid of unwanted subscriptions by using the Truebill bot to protect your accounts.


Show Me The Money!

Finance is a rapidly growing vertical for chatbots and smart AI-driven agents. No surprise there, since where you find dough, you find development. Many enterprising folks have built powerful finance bots to handle virtually all of your money matters.

Our honorable mentions for personal finance bots include:

  • CirclePay — an Apple iMessage app that lets you pay and get paid instantly through texts. Split the tab, chip in for a group gift, and get cash from Mom. No more fussing with cash or playing credit card roulette.
  • Current — a Slack bot that helps you pay friends and colleagues. Now your slacker colleague has no excuse for not backing you back for lunchl!
  • WeChat Pay — the payment platform that powers China’s gargantuan WeChat network of users and bots. The messaging app’s 800 million monthly active users use WeChat Pay to process over $50 billion in transactions per month for digital goods, e-commerce, and even offline purchases like restaurant bills.

The explosion of personal finance bots is great news for us humans. Bots like Nerdwallet and Wally help us optimize our credit card spending. Financial goals are well within reach when Digit and Abe help you save and budget while Truebill protects you from runaway expenses.

Soon your problem might be too much money rather than too little!