Friday night rolls around and you’re watching Netflix all by yourself. What you need is a delicious batch of hot wings smothered in tangy BBQ sauce. For that, the Wingstop Facebook bot has got you covered.

The Dallas-based chicken wing chain partnered with Conversable, a conversational bot platform, to create their Facebook Messenger chatbot. Wingstop chose to use Conversable because the platform “integrates into back-end business applications, like an ecommerce system, to provide relevant content and services,” explains Wingstop’s Chief Information Office, Stacy Peterson. “In our case, they serve our menu, items and prices to the customer in a structured conversational flow which allows them to place an order.”


Wingstop Facebook Bot


Kevin Fish, Wingstop’s Vice President of Restaurant Technology, elaborates on how important messaging is to reach and engage their customers. “Thousands of brands are competing for space on the coveted phone home screen. Restaurant brands have it particularly tough when compared to top-of-mind apps like Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, email, photos, and videos. The space occupied by daily-use apps makes it increasingly difficult for a less frequently used food-ordering app to earn that prized spot on the home screen.”

By offering an conversational entry to food ordering on top of traditional website, app, phone and in-person orders, the Wingstop Facebook bot is able to meet consumers where they prefer to be. Being on Messenger as a bot increases volume of transactions and build trust with millennial customers who prefer instantaneous service.

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