The Weather Channel has been delivering reliable weather reports since 1982. People’s dependence on weather reports hasn’t changed since then, but their preferred methods of receiving them have. Weather Channel started out on cable TV, moved to websites during the 1990s internet boom, then to apps during the 2000s mobile boom, and have now launched the most recent manifestation: a Weather Channel Kik bot.

Kik is a popular messenger platform with over 300 million users, the vast majority teenagers. The platform was the first to launch a bot directory and has social features like invites and mentions that give bots a boost in virality compared to other messaging platforms. The Weather Channel was one of the earliest bots to develop for Kik.

The bot is simple to use. You can get current real-time weather conditions, or ask for a 3 or 7 day forecast. Notification settings allow you to get weather forecasts only when you want them.


weather channel kik bot

The Weather Channel bot on Kik lets you customize your forecast and when you want your weather reports.


Do you depend on The Weather Channel Kik bot to avoid rain and chase sunshine? Let us know your opinions of the bot in the comments below.