Chatbots aren’t just for end consumers. Enterprises also benefit from the support of smart, timely conversational artificial intelligence. RBS has been piloting an advanced artificial intelligence powered RBS bot that helps their human support staff answer customer questions. Unlike a human, the AI chatbot can scan through vast volumes of data and return with the correct answer in a split second.

Common questions the bot is asked include “My customer has locked their PIN. What steps do they need to take to unlock it?” or “How do I order a cardreader for my customer?” Supporting customer-facing staff with the dynamic knowledge resource of the RBS bot means employees no longer have to memorize answers or refer to encyclopedic documentation to help their clients.

“This is a really exciting new technology that brings artificial intelligence to life and will help our staff serve customers better by resolving their questions and problems much more quickly,” said Simon McNamara, Chief Administrative Officer at RBS. “Its potential is huge and we’ll be exploring if it could talk to customers directly to answer straightforward questions, freeing up time for our staff to answer complex issues.”

RBS hopes to one day have their powerful AI directly answer customer questions. You can read more about the chatbot initiatives at RBS on their website here.