The new Nike chatbot is probably heaven for the sneakerheads, but it’s also a lot of fun for anyone who wears shoes. (That includes everyone, we hope.) Whether you’re planning on getting new workout gear for a summer trip, or just need new gear for the office, the chatbot will have something in store for you on Facebook Messenger.

Stylebot calls itself “Nike’s bold new chatbot” and allows users to “Style outfits or create magic.” Users can choose to either find their style or create a sneaker. Styles including shoes for the working girl, the sporty girl, and more, with lots of options in each genre. If you like the outfit, you can learn more about it on the website. If not, you can always go to the next one. The bot clearly targets women, as all the images were of female models, so those looking for male clothing might have to stick to shopping on the website.


Nike Style Sneaker Bot Facebook Messenger


The style option is a quick and easy way to browse their collection, and their use of emojis add a nice layer of chattiness and youth. The most exciting feature, however, is sneaker creation that involved uploading a photo and getting a sneaker with a corresponding color scheme from the NiKEiD 24-color spectrum. That’s a lot of colors! While the style feature skewed female, this one feels very unisex. Whether it’s a landscape, a painting, or any image you like, the chatbot gives you a suitable Air Max 90 to match. “The sweeter the pic,” the bot writes, “the better the kick!” This is incredibly meme-able, and I’m waiting for the weird images that people will start uploading.

Getting a customized shoe is a great example of a personalized bot, and an effective way of encouraging users not just to chat but also possibly to purchase the item. After all, a special sneaker is almost like an inside joke, with only the owner knowing the story (or photo) behind it all. Gift someone a sneaker based off the photo from a precious memory, or off a screenshot from one of your favorite movies. The possibilities are endless!


Nike Style Sneaker Bot Facebook Messenger


Here’s what a TOPBOTS shoe would look like:

Nike Sneaker Style Bot Facebook Messenger

Stylish, no?

Would you use the Nike chatbot to style yourself? Make your own shoe and share it with us in the comments below!