NerdWallet is like “Yelp for finances”. If you’re ever confused on which credit card to apply for, or which loan offers the best terms, you can use the NerdWallet bot as a personal on-demand advisor who’ll help you evaluate all your options. Their chatbot and live agents find you the best credit card deals, factoring in bonuses, rewards, cashback, and other terms that can boost your bank account. The competition in the finance industry is tough, but we recently featured NerdWallet in our “Top 5 Bots To Get You Paid” rankings. After all, their 3 million monthly visitors keep coming back for more.

The company recently launched a chatbot inside of the NerdWallet iOS app that helps onboard you before connecting you with a live, human agent. The chatbot is able to handle preliminary questions and then direct you to the most relevant expert for your needs. NerdWallet offers a a wide breath of reviews since millennial consumers demand choice and financial transparency. “Most consumers want to know that they can trust somebody who is not beholden to one financial institution,” says NerdWallet COO Dan Yoo.


Nerdwallet bot guide

Ever wanted a personal, on-demand wealth manager? NerdWallet is your answer.


No one is more passionate about fixing the difficulties of personal finance than Nerdwallet CEO, Tim Chen. “It’s just a waste when people don’t find the right answer–and no one is benefiting. Not the person who’s fumbling around, not really any financial institution. Everyone loses, and it’s stupid, and the internet should have fixed this a long time ago.”

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