Breaking News, owned by NBC, first launched their breaking news bot to Slack last August. At the time, the NBC Slack bot would only break major news and didn’t allow for any user customization.

Now the Slack integration has been installed nearly 2,000 times and covers 100,000 topics which users can customize with personalized filters. General Manager Cory Bergman says that security and finance firms are Breaking News’ most engaged users, but that “most major news organizations” have the integration.

Users can follow topics simply by entering “/breaking news Donald Trump” or “/breaking news Zika”.


nbc slack bot breaking news


Breaking News ensures you won’t miss any updates, especially if you’re spending your entire work day sitting in Slack. If you get tired of any topics, you can simply unfollow them.




Bergman hopes to allow companies to send breaking stories into Breaking News one day. Additionally, he anticipates that the NBC Slack bot will integrate with Amazon Echo or with smart cars to offer voice-activated news in the home and on the go.

Try the Breaking News Slack Integration by installing it from here. You can also learn more directly from the Breaking News team on their Medium page here.

Do you use Breaking News at work? We’d love to hear how the Slack integration is working out for you and your team. Let us know in the comments below.