More and more, Messenger is becoming a space for all kinds of exchanges—personal, professional, and even financial. MoneyGram has launched a new bot on Facebook Messenger for those with MoneyGram Online accounts, hopefully making money transfers even easier.

Unveiled at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, head of product innovation Youri Bebic said, “Innovation is the core to our business and the MoneyGram Sendbot is a true case of a hybrid product created to bridge the digital and physical worlds in order to promote financial inclusion. The bot is another example of MoneyGram’s commitment to making money transfers easy for our customers.”

Sendbot promises users a convenient, intuitive, and fun bot that allows you to send and track money transfers over Facebook. While fun might be pushing it a bit, Sendbot definitely follows a straightforward format. It’s a useful bot for customers in the U.S. who might be trying to send money across the globe, to one of their 350,000 locations which you can also find through the bot. Using Messenger, which the description says is “where you spend most of your time” anyway, means that users won’t have to download a separate app or go on the MoneyGram website for these features. A feature we especially appreciate is the ability to access the company’s customer care center just by typing “help.” That access to a customer support agent will no doubt be a relief for those figuring out the bot for the first time, or for MoneyGram inquiries in general.




However, there are some restrictions with this new bot. Cash is the only option for receivers at the moment and the site says the transaction feature is still slated to be delivered in the next few months. MoneyGram also promises that they are adding “new keywords on a regular basis” to hopefully make the bot more intuitive over time.

Of course, there’s also the question of security. Users tend to feel protective or cautious about sharing sensitive or private information through something like Messenger. To combat this, MoneyGram suggests deleting conversations on Messenger or typing “logout” in the conversation to exit your MoneyGram account. We’re not fully sure how secure that feels. With all the payment services available, we find it a bit hard to imagine going through a chain of typing on Messenger to send any significant amount of money where we also have to cautiously delete conversations. If anything, the tracking and location finding features which require less risky information will likely be the more accessible features.


Moneygram Facebook Messenger Bot


What do you think about the MoneyGram sendbot? Would you use Messenger to send money across the globe? Let us know in  the comments below.