You’ll never lose your plane ticket again thanks to the soaring KLM travel chatbot. Once customers book their flights on the website, they conveniently receive travel information through Facebook Messenger. KLM customers simply need to tick a box to receive all of the digital boarding perks. Now a great deal of stress and unnecessary complications are being erased from travel. Have any questions about your flight? Just ask the resourceful chatbot, customer support is on standby 24/7. Feel like you’re in first class with the KLM Facebook Messenger bot.

After users confirm payment the chatbot launches a series of messages detailing: booking information, check-in reminders, boarding passes and flight status announcements.  Organizing flight documentation is now easier than ever before. Need to change a seat at the last minute? Just send the bot a message and grab a newspaper. You’ll receive an update with your new seat number.




The KLM Facebook bot makes passenger information viewable on any device, as long as the user is signed in through Messenger. Your flight info is instantly accessible and can be viewed afterward without WiFi. Travel itineraries are updated on the fly and any new information is quickly sent within the thread.

Over 1.5 billion individuals worldwide use Facebook, clearly KLM has the right idea on how to connect with their passengers. Pieter Elbers, KLM President & CEO explains: “The new Messenger service is a perfect addition to KLM’s social strategy. We believe we should be where our customers are, and therefore Messenger and KLM are a good fit. Our customers feel comfortable sharing info with us via a more personal platform like Messenger.”

KLM Royal Airlines is the first global airline to travel into the world of chatbots and AI. Social media is an ingenious way to bridge the gap between international travelers and the language barrier. The helpful chatbot communicates in the language your Messenger is set to. For so many travelers already using Facebook on a daily basis, the KLM chatbot is a concise travel companion which helps users navigate from take-off to landing.

Check out the full demo of the featureful KLM Facebook Messenger bot:

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