Finding the perfect whiskey is a tough task and many of us don’t know where to begin. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of the new bots from liquor brand Johnnie Walker. The bots, available for Facebook Messenger and as an Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo, exists to help whisky aficionados brush up on their knowledge of the drink and find the right blend for them.

After confirming their age, users are shown a menu of possible things to do. They can learn general facts about whisky, go through a series of questions to find the best drink for them, or find out how to make a cocktail. All of the options are easily accessible through a neatly designed swipe interface, and information is presented in brief chunks of text that are easy to digest and understand.


Johnnie Walker Facebook Bot & Alexa Skills


These features are nicely illustrated by in-built instructional videos, photos and interactive tutorials which add to the polished feel of the bot and make the experience more pleasant for the user. The voice of the bot is also done well, adopting the conversational, laid-back tone of a bartender. The bot makes users feel at home, and guides them through the different activities in a friendly manner.

Johnnie Walker want to use the bot to involve customers with the brand more, as part of their new “digital mentorship programme”. By educating users about their products, history and methods, they hope to increase engagement and spread awareness of what they do.

For those who are enticed by the bot’s offerings, it’s possible to purchase items such as cocktail ingredients and specially engraved bottles through the interface. To allow this, Johnnie Walker teamed up with third parties such as ReserveBar, Cocktail Courier and Drizly – showing impressive commitment to its customers.

While the bot is an ambitious project with lots of exciting features and potential, it doesn’t always work as planned. It’s prone to glitches and problems, and requesting a certain feature sometimes results in a generic error message (in the bot’s voice). Occasionally, the bot stops working completely.

The guys at Johnnie Walker have created a nice, sleek chatbot with lots of possible uses, which could really boost user engagement and generate a good amount of publicity for the brand. If the bot’s creators can overcome the issues with the software and make it more reliable, they could be on to a real winner here.

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