Ever have a weird rash or strange ache and wish you could talk to a doctor? HealthTap is the first medical platform on Facebook Messenger that makes your wish come true. The company’s mission is to make health care knowledge completely free accessible to everyone globally. The first step is the Healthtap Facebook bot.

Ron Gutman, HealthTap’s CEO, elaborates on the company’s motives for creating a Messenger bot: “We’re excited to be the first healthcare company to deliver fast, high-quality information from compassionate doctors directly to people all over the world through the Messenger Platform. The new Messenger Platform enables us to extend the ability of our dedicated and generous doctors to help people everywhere feel good.”

The biggest impact of the HealthTap Facebook bot is in developing countries. Unlike the comparatively convenient healthcare system in the US, the vast majority of third world regions can’t easily access even the most basic healthcare knowledge. The HealthTap chatbot is just the beginning of the company’s attempt to solve this humanitarian problem.

With the Messenger bot, HealthTap’s entire database of medical answers can be queried just by typing in your symptoms and conditions.


HealthTap Facebook Messenger Bot

Users can get medical questions answered either by checking against HealthTap’s massive database of knowledge or by submitting a question to one of their 100,000 doctors on call.


If you don’t find an answer to your question, you can be connected to one of HealthTap’s 100,000 doctors who get responses back to users within a day. If you leave the chatbot and go to HealthTap’s main website, you can even jump on a video call with a medical professional whenever you need to.

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