Wish you could order a pizza just by typing in the word “pizza”? With the Domino’s chatbot, now you can! The pizza company has always been at the forefront of digital innovation for fast food. There’s already a Domino’s Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo, Twitter support for ordering through pizza emojis, and even a pizza-delivery robot that can independently navigate streets at over 12 miles / hour. Watch out, pizza delivery boys, your jobs are about to become mechanized!

The latest trend the company is jumping on is Facebook Messenger chatbots. Once you’ve ordered once with Domino’s, you can order your favorites again with a single one-tap “Easy Order” button. Check out their Messenger bot here.


Domino's Facebook Messenger Bot Domino's Alexa Skill Amazon Echo

You have to set up an account and order one time before you can use the Easy Order button.


Nick Dutch, Domino’s Head of Marketing, knows just how important messaging is to the future of e-commerce: “IM will become one of the next frontiers of ecommerce in Western markets. You only need to look to Asia to understand how they have almost become one stop shop platforms for everything.”

Given that Domino’s has built on every other platform, why did they now decide on Facebook? Dutch explains, “We chose Messenger specifically due to a combination of the volume of users on the platform and to Facebook being increasingly open to brands developing customer support and transactional bots in their Messenger platform”

Have you ordered from Domino’s using either the Domino’s Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo or their Facebook Messenger bot? We’d love to hear how the experience was for you in the comments below.