Are you a fashion aficionado who always seems to be on the go? Now you can catch up with all of the latest news, shows and designers with the friendly British Vogue Facebook bot. In only seconds fans can receive British Vogue’s hottest stories in pocket-sized form. Aching for shots, styles and all of your favorite designers from the latest fashion show? Look no further, the newest chatbot has all of the above.


British Vogue Facebook BOt


After messaging the fashion savvy chatbot, you’ll receive a reply and begin a thread of messages detailing your personal notification preferences. Editor-in-chief of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman has some inspiration to share with their audience: “This is a new method for us to be able to talk directly and immediately to the huge Vogue audience, who rely on us to provide inspiring and authoritative fashion news.” Since everyone is on social media, Facebook Messenger is perhaps the quickest way to update fans on all of the latest Vogue details. After messaging the bot, users are presented with fashion related articles which link directly to the Vogue website. Depending on your preference for “Quoc Thang” or “Kiok”, your personality will be matched to receive appropriate fashion culture news once a day.


British Vogue Facebook Bot


 The trendy company is giving fans an exclusive look in the closet, and by opening the wardrobe a first glance at new styles. Though the chatbot isn’t too keen on comprehending basic phrases, it effectively serves its purpose by sharing articles. Users can push a series of buttons to communicate with the Vogue bot and input favorite designers for future updates. If the daily notifications begin to become overwhelming, Messenger provides a built-in option for muting notifications.

Essentially, using this chatbot is like carrying around an abridged Vogue magazine in your pocket. Perfect for the fashion forward, eco-friendly and guys and gals who love to be ahead of all the latest trends on the market. The brand which has been around for over a century shows no sign of slowing down. With a brand new designer chatbot on the interweb, editors and AI experts alike are doing their best to make sure the chic company is universally acknowledged. British Vogue’s director of product explains:“We are always seeking to engage with our audiences in new and innovative ways.”

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