As a $15 billion dollar industry expected to surpass $70 billion by 2020, artificial intelligence is poised to change the way we live and work. Even today, employees in tech-savvy organizations actively work alongside AI assistants on a daily basis.

Studies show that 45 percent of professional activities can be automated, including the highly paid work of managers, senior executives and even CEOs. Automation reduces routine and mundane work to allow employees to focus on higher level tasks that require unstructured creativity and emotional intelligence.

From marketing to customer service, HR to engineering, here are the ways AI can boost efficiency, productivity, and morale for businesses.



Sales teams are using bots to cultivate and communicate with leads. Signpost’s sophisticated AI Mia uses machine learning to transform the traditional CRM model. Though email and SMS, Mia automates five-star reviews and customer referrals. She creates personalized messages that nurture leads who are eventually passed to a human salesperson. Other sales tools like Troops pull CRM data into Slack, letting salespeople and account managers access customer information without Salesforce.


Human Resources

HR departments leverage AI to manage training, feedback and project management. Careerlark is a Slack bot tool that collects micro-feedback after a meeting. Obie is another Slack bot that streamlines new hire onboarding and sends notifications about hires, policy updates, and relevant HR content. On the recruiting side, Restless Bandit is an AI system that uses algorithms and machine learning to find the best-matched candidates for an open position. Rather than sift through endless LinkedIn profiles, an HR manager can simply focus on the best talent.


Project Management

Smart companies built and implement bots to streamline internal workflows., uses a in-house bots to project manage their geographically distributed web design team. A bot automatically assigns new clients to designers based on the project requirements and the designer’s availability, experience, and portfolio. The system also checks in at key steps such as home page design, QA testing, and final client delivery, reducing the need for humans to tackle mundane tasks such as planning, tracking, and resource allocation.


Customer Service

Customers shouldn’t have to speak to customer support just to check store hours or confirm account balances. Human agents waste time when they repeatedly copy and paste templated answers throughout their day.

Companies can create excellent customer service experiences and cut costs by outsourcing these functions to a bot. Unlike humans, bots are not bored by regurgitating scripts and can answer the same questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Companies such as Interactions build these automated customer service technologies for numerous large corporations. Other brands such as 1-800-Flowers and Dominos Pizza have built bots to take orders from customers through messaging channels such as Facebook Messengre.



AI also simplifies finance jobs. Expensify’s Concierge bot uses machine learning to simplify receipt categorization. The bot can automatically determine whether transactions fall within the company policy and solicit manager approval. Sophisticated finance departments develop machine learning algorithms and live models to forecast sales in intelligent ways.



Marketers use tools such as Statsbot to retrieve marketing metrics and reports without the need to open Google Analytics. Hubspot’s Growthbot provides easy answers to common marketing questions, shares company information, and offers personalized growth tips. These tools save marketing analysts countless hours of unnecessary grunt work.

The drastic impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace brings fear and uncertainty to some, but the most innovative companies see AI as an opportunity, not a threat. The collaboration and extraordinary output of AI combined with human ingenuity predicts a brighter, more interesting future of work for all of us.
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