Ever since Google broke into the smart home market with the newly launched Google Home, the question on everyone’s mind is: how does the device stack up against the defender, Amazon Echo?

Amazon has the advantage of a two-year head start, manifested in the form of far more integrations and a thriving app market with over 3,000 Alexa Skills. We’ve even made two of our own here at TOPBOTS: Geek Humor, which tells you jokes about nerdy topics like physics or robots, and Peaceful Habit, a simple meditation Skill that helps you build a daily practice.

By contrast, Google Home launched with only three integrations – Phillips Hue, Nest, and SmartThings – and only one linked service, Uber. Google, we expected more.



Seriously Google? We know you’ve been copying Apple’s minimalist style, but didn’t think you’d apply the philosophy to your developer ecosystem too 😛


A rich developer ecosystem will eventually build up around the Google Home, but early reports of the platform have not been favorable. Virtually every developer we spoke to finds the Google Home technical documentation sparse and barely usable. That said, developing for the Amazon Echo isn’t the best experience either. You can read more about some of the technical woes we ran into while building our Alexa Skills.

Google Home is powered by the powerful AI of Google Assistant, which means the device is far more capable than Alexa of answering random context and time sensitive questions such as “Who will win the Game of Thrones?” and “Is Donald Trump’s Hair Real?”. The smart assistant can even translate to numerous languages, including Mandarin.

Yet, despite all the intelligence of Google Home, the device failed to give us a satisfactory answer to the our question “Are we intelligent?”, answering with “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help you with that.”


Watch our video review where we put Google Home vs Amazon Echo in both an intelligence and a comedy showdown and see who comes out on top.


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