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AI Hardware Summit 2019

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Event Information
Event Date: September 17, 2019 - September 18, 2019
Event Location: Mountain View, CA, United States
Event Website:

The inaugural AI Hardware Summit sold out in 2018 and is the premier premier event for the AI chip ecosystem.

The 3 core aims of the Summit are:

  1. To assemble the critical mass of the global industry to promote innovation and adoption of silicon & systems for processing deep learning, neural networks & computer vision.
  2. To serve as the venue where the technology roadmap of emerging AI hardware is analyzed and updated each year.
  3. To connect silicon & systems vendors & hardware innovators to customers, partners, ML researchers & investors.

Take advantage of over 9 hours of dedicated networking time to meet key industry leaders, whilst also exploring:

  • Luminary Keynotes: Unique perspectives from industry luminaries in hardware (John Hennessy), AI (TBC) and investment (Lip-Bu Tan).
  • Innovations and Optimizations of Silicon & Systems for AI Training & Inference: Presentations and product launches from C-level executives from AI chip start ups, semiconductor companies and systems OEMs.
  • Training & Inference at Hyperscale & AI Accelerators in the Data Center Hardware Environment: Deployment & maintenance of AI infrastructure in data centers, hardware requirements for training & inference at scale.
  • Inference in Client (Edge) Computing: Applications for AI accelerators in cameras, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles etc.
  • Beyond Compute: AI’s Impact on Memory, Storage & Networking: Innovations in HBM, on-chip memory and NVM, I/O bottlenecks, data transfer & high-speed interconnects.
  • The Impact of Future ML Models on Hardware Design: Machine Learning co-design, robustness & reprogrammability, model standardization & interoperability.
  • AI Chip Design & Commercialization: Design, testing & manufacturing, form factors & routes-to-market.
  • Financial & Industrial Analysis: Market growth and maturity, VC investment trends & dynamics, the commoditization of the inference market, benchmarking & metrics.