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How Voice Interfaces Can Benefit Society

Much has been made about our current addiction to screens. Many of us have found ourselves trapped in an endless cycle of dopamine hits as we check our phone to see if anyone has liked our post, or replied to a pithy comment. Some tech companies are creating technical...

Using Artificial Intelligence To Achieve Zero Waste

Artificial intelligence technologies can be used to help buildings buildings and spaces track their waste in real-time and engage users by nudging them to correctly sort their waste. However, this vision has some major challenges: The ever-increasing volume and...

The Essential Landscape of Enterprise AI Companies (2018-2019)

Evaluating enterprise AI solutions for your company? Sign up to be notified when we release our in-depth vendor report for 2019 this fall.  Enterprise companies comprise a $3.4 trillion market worldwide of which an increasingly larger share is being...

6 Technical Approaches For Building Conversational AI

How do you order toilet paper online? If you were using a modern graphical user interface (GUI), you would: Go to your computer Open up a browser Type in Amazon, then type "toilet paper" into the search window Suffer analysis paralysis over the gazillion selections...

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