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3 Ways to Automate Marketing with Machine Learning

With the latest advances in technology, you can tap into a massive audience using all sorts of online and offline channels. However, these aren’t necessarily advantages. Without the right tools, it’s nearly impossible to figure out how and where to focus your...

5 Ways To Leverage AI Research In Marketing & Advertising

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can drive effective solutions to lots of marketing challenges. It can help you optimize your advertising budget, personalize your customers’ experience, suggest the most accurate attribution model, boost your marketing analytics,...

Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Models: A Comprehensive Guide

We continue our comprehensive guide on historical marketing attribution models. In this article, we discuss multi-touch attribution approaches. Read about single-touch marketing attribution approaches in the first part of this series. If you’re an intermediate or...

Single-Touch Marketing Attribution Models: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s expansive and dynamic digital economy, customers usually follow a complicated and multilayered approach before they finally convert into a sale or lead. For a prospect to become a customer, they usually make interactions with a wide range of digital...

Five Things That Should Scare You About AI

AI is being increasingly used to make important decisions. Many AI experts (including Jeff Dean, head of AI at Google, and Andrew Ng, founder of Coursera and deeplearning.ai) say that warnings about sentient robots are overblown, but other harms are not getting enough...

How Voice Interfaces Can Benefit Society

Much has been made about our current addiction to screens. Many of us have found ourselves trapped in an endless cycle of dopamine hits as we check our phone to see if anyone has liked our post, or replied to a pithy comment. Some tech companies are creating technical...

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