How Can Automation Help Your Business?

“He profits most who serves best,” said famed economist Arthur F. Sheldon. Consumers are king and companies compete for their loyalty with product, price, and customer care. Debacles in customer experience and service will drive your customers away within the day. 

At the same time, costs of servicing customer demands are rising. Call centers globally house hundreds of thousands of agents who cost $4 – $12 per service request, while customers require real-time and cross-platform responses and resolutions. Businesses increasingly rely on automation, machine learning, and modern artificial intelligence to deliver quality care at affordable prices.

Customer Experience Automation covers important trends in customer care technology and teaches you how to evaluate and adopt automation solutions such as bots, chatbots, virtual assistants, “human-in-the-loop” cyborg models, service triage, routing algorithms, predictive analytics, and more which can cut costs and grow your business.

Providers Featured

In our Customer Experience Automation report, we cover technical approaches and operational strategies for the full range of customer service and experience solutions on the market, including both established players and up-and-coming startups.

Here are just a few of the providers we feature: 

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Meet Your Authors

Marlene Jia

Marlene Jia

Chief Executive Officer, Metamaven

Marlene guides global customers such as LinkedIn, Paypal, L’Oreal, and WPP on enterprise AI and bot innovation. Her expertise in enterprise software and best practices helps corporations successfully evaluate, develop, and integrate emerging technologies. Prior to Metamaven, she built go-to-market sales teams at high-growth companies like UStream, Wizeline, and Sales Bootcamp and was COO of Xanadu, a leading strategy and design firm in emerging technology. She’s recognized by INC as a top 10 keynote speaker and by Entrepreneur as a top 5 bot expert. Marlene studied economics at Northwestern University and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since.

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