For those of you who are completely new to Reinforcement Learning, we’ve searched through beginner-friendly content across the internet and chose to feature this introductory video which we think presents one of the best technical but still understandable introductions to the field.

In this very accessible video, Xander Steenbrugge talks about:

  • the explosion of the reinforcement learning field;
  • physical capability of robots to do a wide range of tasks combined with a lack of intelligence to do those things;
  • difference between supervised learning and reinforcement learning;
  • optimizing policy to get the maximum reward;
  • sparse reward setting;
  • reward shaping as a (non)optimal solution to the issue of sparse rewards;
  • real robotics vs. clickbait titles in media.

Once you feel ready for more advanced content, we recommend you read the following in-depth coverage of RL techniques:


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