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Want to learn how to drive business ROI for your company with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence?

TOPBOTS executives Mariya Yao and Marlene Jia interview top technology leaders from global companies to learn how they’ve successfully applied modern automation techniques to improve sales, marketing, product, and customer experience. Learn winning strategies from executives who have adopted AI for their enterprises and bring them back to your company.

If you’re an executive who has a great enterprise AI story to tell, we’d love to have you on our series too. Just fill out the application form below and we’ll follow up if you’re a good fit for our audience.

Our Featured Executives

Kevin Scott

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

As the CTO of Microsoft, Kevin drives the technology giant’s AI strategy and services. In this interview, he focuses on the intersection of AI and IoT and reveals how enterprises have successfully leverage the combination of these two emerging technologies to drive real business value. He also shares insights from his visits to industries ripe for disruption by AI and automation and key learnings for how managers can best prepare their workforces for the future.

Rumman Chowdhury

Global Lead For Responsible AI, Accenture

As a data scientist and social scientist, Rumman’s passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity. At Accenture, she drives the creation of responsible and ethical AI products for company clients. She has been honored as one of the BBC’s 100 Women, Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40, a TedX speaker, and is a fellow at the Royal Society for the Arts. Rumman will share how business leaders should define and enforce ethical behavior and ensure safety and transparency in AI and automated systems.

Max Sklar

Head of Machine Learning Attribution, Foursquare

User attribution, especially between offline and online worlds, is a persistent challenge for marketers. Using novel machine learning techniques on top of Foursquare’s incredible data trove of consumers’ physical behavior, Max enables enterprise customers to identify when online campaigns have driven offline revenue and convert real-world foot traffic into long-term digital customers and social media fans.

Jack Chua

Director of Data Science, Expedia

Jack has built automated trading systems for multi-million dollar investment portfolios, terabyte-scale recommender systems for Amazon, and personalized marketing for an iconic American beverage brand. Previously he lead industrial applications of machine learning for global clients of Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Now he heads the data science team at Expedia, where he applies his deep expertise in product and pricing optimization.

Rachael Rekart

Director of Machine Assistance, Autodesk

Rachael is a leader in strategic planning and change management, having spearheaded numerous technical initiatives with enterprise-scale impact. She led the development and implementation of Autodesk’s first application of artificial intelligence for customer engagement. Their virtual assistant Ava reduced resolution times by 99% and cut costs from $15-$200 per ticket to under $1.

Keith Strier

Global & Americas AI Leader, Ernst & Young

Keith is responsible for EY’s global AI strategy and practice. He actively advises public and private enterprises on the new value drivers, risks, architectures, use cases, design and operationalization of robotic, intelligent and autonomous systems. He’ll share how business leaders can identify the highest impact ROI opportunities for AI in their organizations and run successful pilots and full-rollouts of emerging technology solutions.

Rob F. Walker

VP of Decisioning & Analytics, Pegasystems

Dr. Rob F. Walker is one of the world’s foremost experts in omni-channel customer engagement and front-office decisioning. He’s responsible for the strategic direction and market share of the decision technology and related applications that power Pega’s enterprise solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM). He’ll share how to deliver value to customers while preserving the safety and privacy of their data in the challenging climate of regulations like GDPR and scandals like Cambridge Analytica.

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