Author: Nigel Pereira

10 Approaches To Tackling Consumer Marketing With AI

Consumer marketing is all about targeting individuals, knowing their personal preferences, and understanding their unique buying habits. With smartphones, IoT devices, social media channels and the internet in general, more data is being generated now than ever before. To turn unstructured data into valuable marketing advice, we now have the luxury of data science, machine learning, and modern AI techniques. Businesses are rapidly adopting smart tools for consumer marketing. Here’s a look at the ten platforms tackling consumer marketing with AI from different angles. 1. AirPR  Every company wants PR, but very few know how to measure it. AirPR a...

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These 12 AI Companies Are Transforming Retail & E-Commerce

Retail e-commerce is one of the biggest revenue making sectors of the enterprise and if you don’t know that already take a quick look at Alibaba and Amazon. Online shopping is yet another sector that is slowly and surely being transformed by AI and scientific breakthroughs have opened the doors for vast amounts of data to be leveraged in the retail market. This big data makes it possible to have AI powered interactions with customers that involve product recommendation, customised searches and even personal assistance. Here are 12 interesting companies transforming the retail experience for both consumers and businesses...

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