Author: Joseph Mapue

6 Historic Jobs Machines Have Taken Over

Technology disrupts the economy, alters everyone’s daily routine, and creates unexpected patterns of behavior. Some changes would have been unimaginable only a few years before. No one before 2006 had to worry about a nasty tweet (what’s a tweet?), much less agonize on how to bit back with a curt but witty comeback.  Rapid advances in automation technology and artificial intelligence have raised the stakes to almost existential levels. Nowhere is the threat of AI more pronounced than in the hazy area of work, profession, and — if you push a bit more — self perception and fulfilment. Modern...

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Conversational Bots Transform How You Learn Languages

Language enables us to understand a message, articulate a plan, and get things done. We need our words to order espresso from the corner cafe, cheer up a friend who’s having a bad day, and quip back against a colleague’s snarky comments.   But we can do all of that only if we speak the same language as the person we are communicating with. Otherwise, far worse things than your colleague’s noxious rants can ruin everyone else’s day. Words lost in translation have caused global companies to lose millions of dollars, medical patients to lose limbs, and politicians to...

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