Did you know that millennials are actually workaholics? This fact is backed by surprising research. Sure, millennials love perks like flexible work hours, free meals, nap rooms, and telecommuting, but they really dig high performance. Millennial professionals so desperately want to deliver excellent results fast that many of them would rather work more than use up vacation days. That’s where the best Slack bots come in to help. 

With advances in automation and artificial intelligence applied to the workplace, bots now join humans in the office for the corporate climb, grind, and hustle. From worker bots to smart shopping assistants, smart Slack bots are accelerating our progress at work. Unlike your colleagues, they neither gossip nor party every weekend. These bots exist solely to help you do your work easier, faster, and better.

Here are some of the best productivity-enhancing Slack bots you definitely want on your team.


The Best Slack Bots For Productivity At Work



You have tons of data but no SQL skills. How do you make sense of it all? AvaBot helps non-technical folks harness the power of data science by doing SQL queries and pulling complex reports for you. No need to type in any SQL slash command with tricky syntax. Just talk to AvaBot in plain English over Slack and this helpful bot will use your natural language to extract the specific, insightful data you need.


Avabot Best Slack Bot

Is your data analyst on vacation? Avabot will fill in!



Intro turns every team member’s professional network into one massive network to rule them all. Need to see detailed profile info about a person or organization in your network? No problem. Need to get a warm intro to potential clients, partners, or talent? Easy as pie. Still in beta, Intro bot has already garnered so many fans that the developer behind the bot had to temporarily hold subscriptions. Just sign up in the wait list so you can be sure you can get Intro bot on your team as soon as opt-ins resume.


Intro Best Slack Bots

Intro makes finding warm introductions and contact information a breeze.



Offices need stuff like coffee, printer ink cartridges, books, and pistachios. Seems simple, but shopping for dozens of items on a regular basis can be tedious or lead to chokepoints. Just imagine balancing the countless brands and counter offers on the market against the individual needs and preferences on a large team and you’ll see some hazards ahead. Enter Kip, a chatbot with a charming avian avatar who’d be happy to take the sting out of group shopping. With Kip, you can coordinate team purchases and track group spend without flapping a wing. Kip works on Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Slack.


Kip Best Slack Bots

Never run out of coffee again! Kip simplifies making shared office purchases.



By integrating with Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Mixpanel, StatsBot provides timely intelligence and insight about your business performance. Don’t struggle with the unwieldy UIs of powerful analytics software. You just need to talk to StatsBot on Slack like he’s your dedicated reporting analyst. Ask him for the metrics you need and he’ll instantly pull the data like a pro.


Statsbot Best Slack Bots

Don’t bother with the clunky UI of Google Analytics. Just ask Statsbot about your website traffic.



What’s the point of work if you’re not having fun? Giphy lets you insert animated gifs into your Slack conversations for much needed emotional release. Charm your friends with cat videos, tickle them with slapstick moves, make their mouths water with food porn, and scare the shit out of them with horror clips. Giphy even has secret easter eggs built just for Slack users. Just ask Giphy to add color to your chat with the bot’s humongous library of attention-grabbing visuals.



Giphy has secret easter eggs for Slack where you can add sunglasses to any portrait or have any text animated for you.



Bots may one day take over work from humans. Before that happens, we can get so much more done by collaborating with our bot colleagues. We found many promising worker bots that we couldn’t include them in our best Slack bots list, so we made an honorable mentions list:

  • CareerLark — This bot on collects micro-feedback from people you trust and coaches you how to improve your professional and personal life
  • Fireflies AI — This guy helps you stay in touch with social and professional contacts, enabling you to easily initiate conversations for different motives like sales, marketing, recruitment or business development.
  • HumbleBot— Everyone needs to be reminded that life is not just about work and getting ahead. Humblebot will poke you with practical advice on how to be a good human being.
  • EvaBot— In a bot-driven world, human touch is essential. EvaBot sends real people to deliver gifts like coffee, wine, or chocolates and then takes a photo of them to share their reaction.

Not only do the best Slack bots uplift your performance to help you get paid better, they also free up more time for you to hit the gym, visit the new deli, or even get a little action.