Plenty of people love to shop, browse, and try clothes on. Others, like myself, hate the process. We don’t like to shop and don’t want to shop, but still need to look presentable. Luckily, we now have clever shopping bots to do our shopping for us.

I saved a ton of time with these fashionable bots yet look more stylish than ever. Just say hello and they can streamline your wardrobe too.


1. CelebStyle Helps You Dress Like Top Celebrities

For those of us devoid of fashion sense, our winning strategy is to imitate fashionistas who know their stuff. Wish you dressed like Taylor Swift or Emma Roberts? Kik’s CelebStyle shopping bot helps you steal their style. The bot is free and easy to use. Once you find a look you like, the bot shows you where to get every single piece in the outfit.


CelebStyle shopping bot

CelebStyle lets you model the look of today’s most trendy celebrities.


What Are The Top 5 Bots For Shopping?


2. Inspobot Finds The Perfect Outfit For Every Occasion

You have a wedding coming up in two weeks, but have no idea how to dress for the event. Inspobot is here to save the day. This shopping bot provides the perfect outfit suggestions for any situation. As you look at different outfits, Inspobot pulls in other smart fashion bots like Trendbot to remind you of the season trends. As bots become more popular, we’ll see even more bots working together to help you own your style.


Inspobot shopping bot

Inspobot for Kik finds you inspiring styles for every situation.


3. ShopBot From eBay Narrows Down Your Best Choices

While eBay might not be your top choice for quality shopping, the auction site’s sheer volume of options can’t be beat. A few features make ShopBot stand out from other shopping bots:

  1. Excellent qualifying questions to narrow down your needs
  2. Flexible navigation that lets you skip or backtrack on questions
  3. A personal and encouraging conversational style

ShopBot also uses powerful technology to deliver the best shopping experience. According to RJ Pittman, eBay’s Chief Product Officer, “Shoppers have complex needs, which are often not fully met by traditional search engines. While offline retailers can offer human experts to help, there aren’t enough experts around to help us with everything we want and need. The science of AI provides contextual understanding, predictive modeling, and machine learning abilities. Combining AI with eBay’s breadth of inventory and unique selection will enable us to create a radically better and more personal shopping experience for virtually anyone that owns a mobile phone.”


EBay Shopping Bot

The ShopBot from eBay is a pleasure to converse with.



4. H&M Shows Trendy Clothes Within Your Budget

H&M is the perfect brand to shop when you want to experiment without dropping all your dough. Now you can browse their extensive collections without leaving Kik.

The H&M shopping bot shows you a few looks and gets your feedback to determine your preferred styles. I loved a number of the options the bot showed me and easily purchased my favorite items through the bot’s interface.


HM shopping bots

H&M’s fashion quiz helps you hone in on the perfect pieces for you.


5. Spring Is Your Personalized Digital Stylist

Can’t afford a human stylist but still want personalized attention? Spring asks you more questions than most human stylists will.

This down-to-business shopping bot hones in on your ideal wardrobe with 20 questions covering budget, style preferences, and use cases. The bot isn’t chatty, but focuses on getting you what you need. If you run into challenges, Spring even has human assistants on standby to help you tackle tricky fashion decisions.

Check out a demo of Spring’s Facebook Messenger bot below:


Still Have Wardrobe Malfunctions?

Cleaning up your style can take some time. If the top shopping bots above aren’t doing the trick, here some honorable mentions who might solve your fashion crises.


Operator is a concierge service that connects you to real humans that solve every shopping decision, whether you need new shoes or a new couch. While Operators are real people, the app uses machine intelligence to route you to the best stylists for your specific situation. Shopping with humans feels more personal, but humans don’t scale like bots do. The few times I tried Operator, the wait times were miserable. The responses took at least a few hours and sometimes even a full day. Operator is definitely not the shopping app to rely on if you’re browsing the aisles and need an expert decision on the spot.


Trends are impossible to keep up with. Why not have a bot help you? TrendBot, a bot friend of Inspobot and CelebStyle above, pulls trending apparel for you by category and lets you purchase the pieces you love.

The cool part about TrendBot is the additional education the shopping bot provides, such as why a particular style is trending. So useful for fashion novices like me! As a bonus, TrendBot even has an “inspiration” feature that matches trending outfits with the perfect situations, like date nights or interviews.


Shop Til You Drop

Tired of making fashion decisions? Let these smart shopping bots do your work for you. CelebStyle and TrendBot keep you up-to-date with the latest fashions, while Inspobot and Spring help you hone in on the perfect outfit for any occasion. Keep your budget under control by shopping the cute and affordable styles suggested by the H&M bot.