With hundreds of thousands of bots in the market, discoverability is a huge challenge for everyone. Make sure you don’t make the common marketing mistake of not taking advantage of bot stores, bot directories, and forums to help users find your bot.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can get listed on all major bot directories:


Platform-Agnostic Bot Directories

These bot directories feature bots from any platform


    • Official partner with VentureBeat where the popular bots are featured weekly
    • Sends curated email newsletter featuring 6 bots each week
    • Has sponsoring opportunities to be featured at the top of every category page
    • One of the more highly trafficked bot directories
    • Submit a bot: https://botlist.typeform.com/to/LLNFbA



  • Everyone can create their own lists and the top ones get featured on the home page.
  • Can upvote a bot just like on Product Hunt, but BotPages has more action and upvotes
  • Submit a bot: https://www.botpages.com/bots/new



  • Created by an agency called Stuzo that will help you build a bot.
  • Relatively simple directory, no upvoting or reviews
  • Has a search feature and can filter by platforms
  • Default listing is alphabetical, having a bot name at the beginning of the alphabet helps
  • Submit a bot: Google form




Platform Specific Directories

Most messaging platforms have their own bot directories or stores where they feature top titles




  • The most developed bot directory with actual ratings and reviews of all the bots on the platform. This is where your reviews and ratings are important
  • Can search, filter, view featured, etc.
  • Submit a bot: https://storebot.me/login?redirect=%2Fadd



  • Kik only showcases a 100 or so of the more than 20,000 bots made on their platform
  • Most of the showcased ones are from large brands or have a great organic following


Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook doesn’t yet have a bot directory, even though everyone has been asking. Everyone is waiting to see how they proceed on this feature. 
  • “Facebook does feature [bots] based on engagement or retention to show people some of the best examples of bots,” says Facebook Messenger product manager Seth Rosenberg. If you want to stand out on Facebook, concentrate on providing an amazing user experience that keeps your fans coming back every day. 


Microsoft / Skype

  • For a bot on Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.
  • Submit a bot: Long link here
  • Currently no way to search, filter or sort bots. There are also no reviews or ratings of the bots here. There are only “Featured” bots section.


Amazon’s Alexa App

  • Official Alexa Skills store only accessible through the Amazon mobile app
  • App will automatically be listed here after submission to the Amazon store


Alexa Skills Store

  • 2,551 skills listed with easy categorization filters
  • Links to Amazon store to pull the reviews and ratings
  • Your skill will be automatically listed here after it’s been on the Alexa store for a few days


Alexa Skills Central


General Product Directories

Don’t forget about general tech or product sites, like Product HuntQuora, Hacker Newsor chatbot-related subreddits on



Did we forget any important bot directories? If so, please share with us in the comments below & we’ll add them to our list.