Yahoo has released a number of useful bots, covering weather, news, a sports bot called Blitz, and even a pet monkey bot. Now, the company has combined all their Facebook Messenger bots into their new integrative Yahoo Bots app.


Yahoo bots app


The interface is pleasant to use, allowing for a number of functions without feeling cluttered or overwhelming, and you can easily switch between bots. The app also incorporates Siri technology, allowing users to operate the Yahoo bots app using voice commands.

The Yahoo team have big ideas for the app and plan to “explore all avenues”. “We’ve started by launching where the bot platform has already been built and bot capabilities are supported,” explains a Yahoo spokesperson. “We’ll continue exploring other opportunities, including launching on Yahoo Messenger, as we learn and iterate.”

The app has room for improvement. For example, there is no option to interact with the bots in group messages, a feature that other chatbots are beginning to adopt. However, after a troublesome few months following a widely reported data breach and concerns about security, the Yahoo Bots app signals an effort from Yahoo to get itself back out there and restore its reputation.

The app can be downloaded free for iOS or android devices, granting easy access to the majority of smartphone users.

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