With the vast number of small businesses on Facebook, no wonder a chatbot for financial advisers has launched on the platform. Xero, a financial accounting tool for small and medium-sized businesses has launched a Partner Program and Advisor Directory using Messenger. With this Xero Facebook bot, which you can find at Hey Xero, users can easily connect with a financial advisor and help match advisors with clients based on business expertise and industries.

Global VP Partner Doug Labahn says the program “reflects our deep commitment to helping small businesses grow and be more productive.” He also notes that Hey Xero is “designed entirely around giving our partners the right tools to help them be successful, by providing tools and services which will differentiate their practices and offer more value and excellent service.” From the look we took, the Xero-bot serves mostly as a helpful search tool.


Xero Facebook Bot


The first question the bot asks is whether or not you’re a Xero-certified user. As a user who is not certified, this can feel somewhat off-putting as we’ve all experienced the frustration of looking for services online only to be obstructed from learning more by a demand that you pay for a membership immediately. Fortunately, answering “No” invites Hey Xero to tell you more about the service and even pulls up an offer for a free 30-day trial.

Once you send your location, the bot responds by giving you the names of the top ten advisers near you. While you could easily do a similar search by yourself on Google, using Hey Xero brings up Xero-certified advisors, making it much more credible. Clicking “Learn more” takes you to their Xero page which includes a summary, contact info, and industry experience. Other relevant information includes details on how long they’ve partnered with Xero and how many staff members have been Xero-certified.


Xero Facebook Bot


From there, you can flip through different advisors or do a filter by industries to find firms that specialize in anything from automotive and insurance to retail and real estate. This feels like a generous bot, but it’s important to keep in mind that Xero doesn’t guarantee the service of any one advisor—so make sure you’re taking a close look at their profiles and websites. However, their top ten picks are naturally filled with Gold or Platinum Xero Partners.

Something we especially appreciated about Xero is the way the bot never feels like it’s pressuring you to use their service. If you decide to contact one of these advisors, they provide the option of using Xero but that’s by no means the only method available.

Do you foresee yourself using the Xero Facebook bot for your business in the future? Let us know in the comments below.