Are you ever stuck in a grocery aisle wondering what to cook? Whole Foods can help you. Even if you’re not at a Whole Foods store, you can still use the Whole Foods recipe bot to find delicious recipes and figure out your shopping list.

The coolest part of the Whole Foods recipe bot is how you get to search by emoji. Want tacos? No need to tap your keyboard 5 times to spell it out when you just need to send only a single emoji. The chatbot also lets you mix and match cuisines and filter recipes by special diets.


Whole Foods Recipe Bot

You no longer have to type any words to get delicious recipes. Simply input emojis!


Whole Foods’ chatbot was build on top of Conversable, a conversational technology platform that connects brands with customers through conversation. The company also build a chatbot for Wingstop, another well known food brand.

Jeff Jenkins, Whole Foods’ global head of Digital Strategy & Marketing, explains that “We are living in the ‘expectation economy,’ where consumers expect to have information at their fingertips, and we want to keep innovating to meet our customers where they are.” Whole Foods plans to invest in their chatbot, adding account credentials, coupons and deals, and the ability to save recipes for later.

Have you found any recipes by emoji using the Whole Foods bot? Let us know what you made and how you found the bot in the comments below.