Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has a new chatbot, smartly named IQ to help you find all the minimalist, heat-tech clothing you need this winter season. Much like the brand, IQ is efficient and resists any lavish or superfluous designs. While this might mean less banter, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any less fun. Currently in beta access, you can find the Uniqlo bot on Facebook Messenger. 


UNIQLO BOT IQ Facebook Messenger


Incorporating emojis into the conversation, for instance, is a cute touch. Want a heat-tech women’s sweater? There’s a combination for that! IQ also provides a number of replies for you to quickly browse and add items to your shopping bag. Unlike some apps that require to go back and forth between Messenger and the store’s website, IQ handily puts everything together. If you’d rather go into a store to see the clothes for yourself, they make that really easy as well with a store locator.

Unlike many other e-commerce bots, Uniqlo’s IQ can reasonably handle open input, allowing you to quickly switch gears if you want to browse something different.


UNIQLO BOT IQ Facebook Messenger


The bot might be more friendly for those who already have an idea of what they want, as Uniqlo’s collections consist largely of practical clothing—with the exception of their artistic collaborations, where you’ll find all the graphic tees you never knew you needed. We see IQ being useful for shoppers that feel like browsing far away from a crowded store or who just want to check whether their nearby store has the items they want in the appropriate size and color.


UNIQLO BOT IQ Facebook Messenger


Allowing shoppers to search by clothing type (sweaters, pants, etc.) along with Uniqlo brands like heat-tech and Airism is a big plus for Uniqlo fans who go in knowing exactly what they want, especially since flipping through innerwear, bra tanks, camisoles, bra camisoles, and tank tops can get tiring.

“IQ can also understand when you’re looking for a collection. Or when you don’t like an item: :(“ the FAQ reads. The bottom left corner of Messenger opens a menu that lets you start over, check your shopping bag, and Uniqlo gives a series of tips on their site on how to use IQ to its fullest, but it’s by no means a chatbot you need a guide to navigate. Their suggestions, like “the more specific, the better” and other feature summaries are all pretty intuitive, though it might be useful to know that the store’s inventory might change and what emoji combinations make the search quicker.

What do you think about the Uniqlo bot? Is it something you’d use to find a new sweater or top? Let us know in the comments below.