Do your kids hate brushing their teeth? Unilever’s Signal Pepsodent toothpaste brand recently partnered up with creative agency R/GA to create a Signal chatbot on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot tells a 21-part interactive video story called “The Adventures of Little Brush Big Brush,” which entertains children while teaching them proper brushing techniques and habits.

Every night during the campaign, the Unilever Signal chatbot accompanies your children as they brush their teeth, telling them an animated story and giving them nightly challenges and the ability to earn rewards.


Unileverl Signal Chatbot


In the opening sequence, the Signal chatbot asks basic questions to personalize your story, such as whether you’re the mom or the dad, how many children are participating, and what their names are. The then bot plays several videos designed to be watched during the act of brushing teeth every night.


Unileverl Signal Chatbot


In the first episode, you are transported to the distance Serengeti where you encounter a friendly lion who issues you the challenge of brushing properly with an up and down stroke. Once mommy approves the kids’ technique, they unlock their first award: a ride in a hot air balloon!


Unileverl Signal Chatbot


Unilevel’s Signal Pepsodent chatbot demonstrates that bots can be helpful for changing daily habits and people’s lives. Signal Pepsodent’s global brand directory, Anuj Rustagi, said of the chatbot: “We are really proud of this fantastic piece of personalised communication. Research has shown that we can help to drive behavioral change with 21 episodes of Little Brush, Big Brush evening challenges, and that is something really meaningful.”

R/GA’s Creative Director for Unilever, Andrew Ferguson, added that “Building something that is both innovative and can truly help people live better lives, is exactly the type of work we thrive on creating.”

Unilever’s Signal chatbot does an excellent job of drawing users in with a focused use case – building healthy brushing habits – but where the chatbot really shines is in the bot’s interactive engagement that combines rich animation and storytelling, gamification and badges, and social routines for the family.

Since the bot is designed for use every single night for many nights in a row, families can use the technology to not only instruct and entertain their children, but also for precious bonding time and evening rituals.

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