Finding somewhere to live in today’s world can be a stressful experience. Many of us spend hours trawling through real estate websites and desperately hoping. With the advent of the new Trulia Facebook bot for Messenger, the process of finding a home just got a bit easier.

Simply enter the name of a location into the chat and the bot will summon up several suggestions from the Trulia database. To save time and energy, users can also filter the results by parameters like the number of bedrooms and maximum rental price.


Trulia Facebook bot


For particularly eye-catching results, users can hit the ‘Get A Summary’ button or open the Trulia site in a separate browser window for more options. The summary includes local information, such as the percentage of single people, the median age and crime rates. Once users have entered their specifications, they can request daily updates from the bot. Trulia will send the most recent 10 results for the user’s criteria to their Facebook inbox every morning.

Unfortunately the Trulia Facebook bot doesn’t work well as a stand-alone application and requires users to visit the company’s website for most functions. Furthermore, the search result limit of ten most recent properties is rather low, especially for densely populated areas. For some, this quick access through Messenger is enough to justify using the bot.

Yardley Ip, the general manager for Trulia Rentals, said the key advantage of using the Trulia bot is that “there are frequently asked questions that users and customers have, and why not use a bot as a way to respond to your users quickly?” Ip sees potential in using the bot for improved customer engagement and expects to commit further resources to development.

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