The Trolli Facebook bot lives and breathes the company slogan “Weirdly Awesome”. Their Facebook page features a Trolli basketball player shooting colored gummy worms out of his mouth into a galactic nebula. If you’re having trouble imagining what that looks like, we did you a favor and put the image right here:


Trolli Facebook Page


You can thank us later when you find yourself unable to “un-see” that 😛

Now, back to Trolli and their Messenger bot which lives up to the”weirdly awesome” brand personality. The bot’s sole purpose is to entertain and delight young, millennial fans with interactive quizzes, ridiculous GIFs, and surprise giveaways.

Depending on how you answer a 10-question quiz to discover your “Spirit Gummi”, the Trolli bot will label you as an Egg, Crawler, or Blast and offer entirely different chat experiences. As a Crawler, you’re handed a baby crawler to nurture Tamagotchi-style until the creature is grown. As a Blast, you get daily doses of weird GIFs and internet memes. Finally as an Egg, you get to enjoy “scrambled and off-beat advice” from the bot.

To keep users engaged, Easter Eggs pop up from time to time and give the most active users free candy and prizes.


Trolli Facebook Bot


Ferrara Candy, owner of the Trolli brand, has always been an innovator in connecting with their young audience. SVP of Marketing and Brand Strategy Jill Manchester explains: “We were the first in the category to engage through Tumblr, then the first to create an emoji keyboard, following up with being the first on Snapchat and now with our Trolli chatbot. It makes sense to take advantage of another emerging platform through which Trolli can engage and entertain our consumers and help keep our brand top of mind.”

You can start a weird and awesome conversation with the Trolli Facebook bot here. Let us know what your Spirit Gummi is and what you think of the bot in the comments below.