Fans of European soccer know all too well the pain of missing out on crucial developments in a game. Keeping up with a continent’s worth of matches would be difficult enough even if they weren’t all played at the same time. Help for overwhelmed soccer fans is finally at hand in the form of the TONI football bot, a Facebook messenger chatbot that works tirelessly to provide updates spanning a ton of teams, leagues and countries.

Constantly bombarding your friends with soccer-related demands and questions would result in the rapid loss of your social circles. Toni, on the other hand, will never get sick of your love for soccer. The bot responds to prompts such as ‘ManU’s next games’, ‘who’s playing tomorrow’ and ‘give me the table’ in a matter of minutes.


The Toni Football Bot Keeps You Updated On European Soccer


Toni breaks key information down into concise and digestible bullet points. If you are too busy to send proactive requests, Toni will give you a roundup of the latest results and upcoming games at 9AM every day. Fans of British and German soccer are especially spoiled since the Toni bot covers the two highest leagues from each of these countries. During the excitement of the European Championships, Toni stepped forward to keep users in the loop with live updates and information from its Euro 2016 bot, proving its willingness to keep up with trends.

Despite growing at a formidable rate, Toni is far from complete. Creative Workline, the creators of the Toni football bot recently announced the following: “We are working on a lot of stuff right now and Toni is in transition. Let’s say he’s growing up from a child to an adolescent.”

The range of leagues on offer is fairly small. Despite covering teams from several European countries, the bot is currently only operational in German and English. Additionally, Toni only works with Facebook messenger, but the team is considering expanding to platforms like Telegram and Slack.

The good news for European soccer fans is that the Toni bot was recently updated to include all major National European leagues. The team also made improvements to the subscriptions and daily updates, showing their commitment to keeping the bot growing. The current functionality of the bot work smoothly and effectively.

Toni may soon be an irreplaceable part of any soccer lover’s Facebook inbox. Here’s a comprehensive demo video of Toni’s features:



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