Love sports but too busy to catch up even with your favorite teams? Unless you work at ESPN, you can’t exactly spend all day trawling sports news unless you want to be fired in front of all your colleagues. Luckily, theScore Facebook bot is here to save the day!

Step forward, theScore! Described as a “must-have for any sports fanatic”, theScore already has millions of sports fans on their website and mobile app. Recently they upped their game with a new, super-convenient messaging bot for Facebook. “Launching theScore bot made total sense in providing a completely new way for sports fans to interact with theScore and follow the teams they love,” explains CEO and Founder John Levy.


Simply type in your favorite team names and theScore will find them for you.

Simply type in your favorite team names and theScore will find them for you.


Using theScore Facebook bot is simple. Just enter the name of sports teams you want to follow and you’ll get regular updates on their scores, games, and news directly in Messenger. Now you can check your teams’ progress at the same time you check your messages. The ‘Top News’ feature lets you see the top five most important news highlights of the day. Live scores and stats are easily accessed by tapping “Scores”.


TheScore Facebook Bot

Why bother with ESPN when you can just chat with theScore about important scores and updates?


Impressively, theScore Facebook bot team went above and beyond for sports fans this summer to provide real-time coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, a testament to their commitment to important sporting events.


TheScore Facebook Bot Rio 2016 Olympics


TheScore still has room for improvement. Currently the bot only allows fans to follow teams and not individual players or leagues. Additionally the bot is US-centric, focusing on American hockey, football, and basketball — although we appreciated the coverage of well-known international soccer leagues. Finally, sports like tennis, golf and MMA are covered by theScore’s website and app, but not available through the chatbot. Fans of Serena Williams and Rory McIlroy will have to wait with bated breath for now.

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