Seeing shows, visiting attractions, and discovering restaurants are what make vacations thrilling and fun. Googling places, yelping restaurants, and trying to buy tickets with a big group that wants to do a million things? Less fun. Fortunately, chatbots might be making all those tasks easier so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a resort hotel that boasts residential-style living spaces with breathtaking skyline views, as well as a restaurant collection, boutiques, and casino that “complete an unforgettable luxury experience.” With a brand that places such an emphasis on unique, one-of-a-kind experiences, it makes sense that they’d incorporate a mysterious, flirty, and personable chatbot as a concierge. Practically, it’s a convenient way for guests to navigate the dense city to their own liking, whether that’s browsing the art or gambling at the slots (or both!).

Considering how fitting this combination is, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the hospitality industry capitalizing more on chatbots in the future. Early this year, the hotel introduced its guests to Rose. Once they check in, they’re given a card with a phone number that reads “Know my secrets. Text me,” and “I am the answer to the question that you never asked.” Texting Rose can get you anything from towels in your room to recommendations for nearby restaurants and bars complete with appropriate emojis and an endearing amount of back-and-forth. For instead, if you’re asking about the casino, she’ll reply, “I’m not wild about sharing you with another woman…but I’ll make an exception for lady luck [dice emoji].” Rose fits right into how we think of Las Vegas—vibrant, charismatic, and inviting. Or, you know, at least the film and TV, Ocean’s 11 version of Las Vegas.


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Rose Concierge Bot

Rose, a sassy concierge bot available only to Cosmopolitan guests can help you figure out how to acquire late night pizza and more.


Project manager Mamie Peers told Travel and Leisure, “We wanted to create a spirited personality that reflects the mystique of The Cosmopolitan.” Perhaps that’s why Rose even reaches some Spike Jonze Her levels, as she can also play games like Kiss Marry Diss or Would You Rather with you. Don’t flirt too much though, or she’ll tell you to keep it PG-13 or dodge the questions by pretending she didn’t hear you (though apparently she has a thing for the cabana boy). Just like a real woman!


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Rose Concierge Bot

Just like a real woman, Rose will sass you if you try too hard to flirt with her.


Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas anytime soon? What do you think about having a companion like Rose?