The new Subway food ordering bot allows you to order a sandwich ahead of time, ensuring that you’ll never have to wait behind some indecisive and fussy person again. Additionally, if you are the indecisive and fussy person, the bot will give you all the time in the world to make your order without worrying about holding up the line.

Using¬†Facebook Messenger, the bot allows users to choose the nearest Subway location and customize a sandwich the same way you would in the store. 12 or 6 inch, bread, cheese etc. You may not be able to haggle your way to a few extra pieces of cheese, but that’s probably a huge relief for the sandwich maker. Ordering pick-up is always preferable for those in more of a hurry, and a chatbot functions much more pragmatically than calling in and repeating your order a bunch of times over dodgy cell reception.


Subway Food Ordering Bot


The app also includes calorie information, which more conscious diners will no doubt appreciate. It’s a legal quirk that requires the company to share that information, but the way it’s presented never feels like an intrusive obstacle or an annoying reminder.


Subway Food Ordering Bot


The bot was announced with partner Mastercard a few months back. Mashable¬†quotes Mastercard saying the bot communicates “like a friend” with an “authentic manner.” This includes zany GIFs of ingredients forming a face, and lighthearted warnings against getting hangry. We’re not sure the friend element is especially strong, but we also can’t remember anytime a Subway employee asked us to “get toasty.” The tone helps users move through the process in a less robotic and more engaging way.


Subway Food Ordering Bot


If you’re making a run for your friends or your office, the bot also allows for group messaging and bill splitting. The few downsides we see include the fact that Subway has daily and monthly deals, and it might be nice to see those when you’re making a decision.

Additionally, users who are more sensitive about restaurants, either because of allergies, pickiness, or other reasons, may prefer to stay offline. However, those are challenges that follow any mobile ordering app and are not unique to Subway. Still, it might’ve been nice to see additional offerings on the chatbot beyond ordering food. Also, what about breakfast options?

What do you think of the Subway bot? Would you use it the next time you’re in the mood for some sandwiches? Let us know in the comments below!