Spotify’s bot is going to be a huge hit among music lovers. The music-streaming company officially announced the partnership at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, but we’re not surprised considering there’s already been a lot of collaboration between the two companies.

Spotify’s bot will allow users to find and share music  via the Spotify bot on Facebook MessengerOnce you click “Get Started” users get to select playlist recommendations based on things like your mood, activity, or genre where they’ll hopefully discover new music and relive old favorites. Whether you’re headed out for a jog, immersing yourself in the ’80s, or catching up on what’s popular, Spotify has something in store. No genre has been left out and we’re impressed that even with something like “classical” there’s a wide variety from “LGBT Composers” to “Pop Goes Classical.” We could probably browse these categories for hours. Even your snobbiest music friend will find something they like.


Spotify Bot Facebook Messenger


The most exciting part of this integration, however, is how the bot improves on music sharing. One persistently frustrating things in bot conversations is when they take the user out of Messenger to see something, forcing them to wait for a new page to load and having to go back and forth between different apps. The old Spotify feature was guilty of this, forcing users to exit Messenger and taking them to the Spotify app on their phones. For certain companies and services, this back-and-forth is inevitable. However, that only emphasizes how nice Spotify allowing users search, share, and listen without leaving the app feels. Friends can preview 30-second clips within Messenger and go to the Spotify app if they’re itching to listen in full. How many times have you ignored a link your friend sent you because you couldn’t be bothered to click it and watch a 2 minute clip on Youtube? Now, you have no excuse.

Curious users can access the new Chat Extensions feature by clicking on the blue “+” icon in the text box, where they’ll find the Spotify bot. In the Spotify team’s statement, they say, “Music sounds better with friends.” Of course, if you’re not feeling especially social there’s always playlists like “Songs to Sing in the Shower” as well.

What do you think about the new-and-improved Spotify bot? Are you going to be exchanging tunes with your friends soon? Let us know in the comments below!