Ever get stuck using the same old recipes over and over? It happens to everyone, and sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. For fans of cream cheese, the new Philadelphia Cream Cheese bot for Facebook Messenger comes packed with recipes, ensuring they’re never short of delicious cheesy snacks.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is beloved the world over. Its versatility makes it the perfect complement to countless snacks and meals, and it’s widely available almost everywhere. It’s safe to say that the cream cheese market has been well and truly dominated.

Despite what its name may suggest, Philadelphia Cheese actually originated in upstate New York in the 19th century. It took on the brand name Philadelphia in 1880, and has been churning out cheese for the world ever since. Today, it’s owned by Kraft Foods, and maintains impressive levels of popularity the world over.

In the U.S., around 58% of American households claim to prefer the brand to other cream cheese providers, and the plucky condiment has taken over much of Europe, too. You may wonder if such a prolific brand needs to market itself at all, but that’s exactly what it’s doing with this clever new chatbot.

The bot greets users in a friendly way, using the light, conversational tone that frequent chatbot users will be familiar with. It offers the chance to view some recipes, using the new and innovative language of emojis.


Philadelphia Cream Cheesex


Users can choose between heavy and light meals, snacks that take a few minutes to prepare and more time-consuming meals. The bot is patient and attentive, firstly generating a list of ingredients and then walking users through the process step-by-step. It’s also possible to return to the list of ingredients at any point.


Philadelphia Cheese Cheese Bot


It’s unclear exactly what Philadelphia’s goals for the bot are, but it works well as a useful toy for fans of the spread and a way of engaging customers. Much of Philadelphia’s success lies in its near-universal appeal, and the bot reflects this – almost anybody will find at least one or two new recipes or ideas from spending some time chatting.

For now, the chatbot remains fairly simple, with few possibilities beyond the recipe generation format. In this area, it works extremely well, with lots of detailed recipes presented in a clear and straightforward way. Perhaps future instalments of the bot will be more complex with additional opportunities to interact and engage with the Philadelphia brand. It may also become available on more platforms.

For now, though, the bot is great at what it does, and represents a genuinely useful resource – not just for die-hard fans of Philadelphia, but for anyone with even a passing interest in tasty cream cheese-based dishes.

Did you pick up some new recipe ideas from the Philadelphia Cream Cheese bot? Let us know in the comments below.