Are you clueless when it comes to shopping for your friends and family? Now buying gifts for the holidays doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Nordstrom has created the perfect shopping companion in the form of a chatbot, and is available on both Kik and Facebook Messenger. The congenial gift matcher makes finding the perfect gift easier than ever before, with instant solutions and endless options.

Exclusively available until December 24th, Nordstrom aims to remove the stress from Christmas shopping, allowing shoppers the convenience of advice from a personal consultant. The chatbot inquires about your loved ones’ personality, style and preferences in a series of prompts and images. As you respond to the prompts, links are provided for your perusal. The links take you straight to the company’s website where you may buy the perfect present. The implementation of AI technology allows shoppers to receive an immediate response, as opposed to waiting for the availability of customer service. Quicker response time means shoppers can cross gifts off their lists quicker than ever.


Nordstrom Bot


Nordstrom spokesperson Jessica Canfield explains the chatbot’s unique goal in serving users: “Our customers expect Nordstrom to offer amazing products, personalized services and differentiated experiences.” Still not sure what type of camera to get cousin Blake? Simply jump onto Kik or Messenger and open a conversation with the Nordstrom chatbot.

Which gifts still need to be checked off of your list? What did Nordstrom’s chatbot recommend to you? Please share with us in the comments below.