This summer, Sports Illustrated teamed up with GameOn to create a Rio 2016 chatbot for Olympics fans with instant updates and highlights from the summer games. Weeks later, the same duo was back in the game with the launch of the NFL Facebook chatbot. The bot’s also available on Telegram, Slack, and Skype. 

Even for someone with absolutely no life outside football, the NFL can be a lot to keep up with. Fortunately, this chatbot has you covered across an impressively wide range of platforms. 

Right from the start, the NFL Facebook bot shares a recent news item, adding value immediately. Using the commands, you can follow teams, view current standings, and check out recent scores. Once teams have been followed, you can easily request immediate in-play updates on their live games. The bot also has the capability to send media and GIFs to its followers, going beyond the capabilities of the SI Rio 2016 bot. Additionally, if the constant stream of football gets too much, the NFL Facebook bot has the option to mute and unmute, allowing users to take a break if they need to actually get some work done.


NFL Facebook Messenger Bot

The NFL Facebook Messenger bot adds value right away by sharing a relevant news item.


With such a user-friendly interface, what’s the point in having real life friends at all, you may ask? Before you destroy all your relationships, consider the nifty group-based aspect of the bot. The NFL bot can work with group chats, sending updates to all members and prompting heated debates – not so different from watching a game in real life.

For Sports Illustrated CEO Alex Beckman, the group support is a massive advantage that makes sharing information with friends so much smoother. “There is a big difference between reading and typing where everyone is in the same window versus having to go and find different apps,” says Beckman. Beckman outlined plans to support more sports, and give users the option to follow individual players instead of just teams and trending topics. He also has plans to expand to Kik and iMessage. 

For NFL fans who enjoy following the sport with friends, the Sports Illustrated chatbot provides the opportunity to do so without even having to meet up with them. It’s slick, reliable and helpful without being intrusive. For fans of the NFL, and of sport in general, this bot could well be one to watch.

Have you tried trash talking your friends with the NFL Facebook bot or on other platforms? Let us know what you think in the comments below.