Last month, the new Doctor Strange movie, courtesy of Marvel, hit cinemas across the world. For fans who were left wanting more, Marvel have generously provided a Doctor Strange bot on Skype to keep the adventure going far beyond the theater.

The bot follows an interesting format, where the user plays the role of Doctor Strange’s newest assistant in an interactive series of episodes. The Doctor Strange bot promises fans the opportunity to ‘become the next Marvel hero’.

The bot has several layers, beginning with an interview with the good Doctor himself, which is undeniably entertaining. The bot is also impressively smart, providing customized responses to users’ interview messages on several occasions. Expect weird messages, including a string of cat photos and some eccentric dialogue; the bot captures the Doc’s personality well.

There is impressive depth to the bot, with a wide variety of conversation and some interesting tasks for the user to complete, for example checking auction websites for the average price of a grand piano. Created by Microsoft with the help of Pullstring, the bot runs smoothly and easily.


Doctor Strange Bot on Skype


The purpose of the bot seems, primarily, to promote the movie and Marvel in general. The interactions are entertaining, and may well succeed in reeling in fans from all corners of the internet, building hype for the new film. To add to this hype, Microsoft has produced a brand new set of Doctor Strange-themed Skype Emojis, allowing fans to embrace the spirit of the movie in all of their conversations.


Dr Strange Bot Emojis


Users can expect an intelligent and sophisticated bot with witty dialogue and a consistent character. Despite the commendable work that has gone into creating it, the bot is only good for one or two conversations. But this appears to be the intention – the bot isn’t designed to enthral its users forever, just engage them for long enough to spread the word about the movie. In this, it is certainly a success.

In a blog post, Skype announced that they “love the idea that with the right tools, you can transport yourself into an entirely different reality, and can connect with new people and experiences, without needing to physically be there”.

Fans of Marvel and Doctor Strange will no doubt find the bot an entertaining way to pass the time, and find themselves reminded of the film and franchise. As for longevity, the bot will probably be forgotten before too long, but sets a high standard for other such efforts in the future. Skype users and movie fans should look forward to a bright future of similarly intuitive and quick-witted chatbots.

Have you tried your hand as Doctor Strange’s assistant? Comment below and let us know!