Looking to impress friends, family members, and bystanders at your next party? The popular Scotch whisky brand Macallan has created a chatbot targeted towards Millennials. By answering question and making suggestions, the company hopes to get Facebook users drinking their whisky. Craft beer has dominated as the unofficial drink for millenials more recently, but maybe whisky will gradually overtake your friendly neighborhood IPA. Or younger folks will drink both, and everyone wins.

Head of digital marketing Samantha Leotta, told┬áContent Marketing, “Macallan has a rich story about how they make its whisky, and people are genuinely interested.” Leotta’s fact definitely hold true, judging from the many alcohol ads that emphasize company histories, founders, and other narratives. There’s a reason that sites like the Jameson Irish Whiskey distillery are such a popular destination for tourists. Macallan isn’t much different, with a long history as well as impressive media endorsements from figures like super-spy James Bond in Skyfall and characters from Better Call Saul. Bring out your inner Scotsman with a nice toast. You’re in good company.


Macallan Chatbot Facebook Messenger Whiskey Origin


The chatbot provides a number of conversational directions, from Whisky Knowledge, The Macallan 101, and Choosing Whisky. For those less familiar with the drink, the chatbot is a great place to start. After all, no chatbot is going to scoff at you for not knowing the difference between the single malt and double. Chatbots don’t judge, which is more than we can say for snobby bartenders or insufferable know-it-alls.


Macallan Whiskey Bot Orange Apple Flavor Facebook Messenger



Even seasoned whisky drinkers might learn some interesting facts. Do you know where the word “whisky” originates from? It’s Scottish Gaelic! What are some ways to really get the aromas out of the whisky? Why do people add water to their drinks? Absorb these secrets to give yourself the perfect drink and become the whisky expert of your group.


Macallan Whiskey Chatbot Facebook Messenger Learning To Taste


Once you’ve learned the basics of whisky, the chatbot gives you an opportunity to then pick out a type by matching taste or occasion. Picking out alcohol can be really intimidating or overwhelming if you’re not familiar. The Macallan chatbot makes it a bit less so.


Macallan Whiskey Chatbot Facebook Messenger Taste Profile Pick


What do you think about Macallan’s whisky chatbot? Are you going to think of it the next time you pour yourself a nice drink? Let us know in the comments below!