America’s friendliest ride share app has driven over to the popular world of chat. You can now hail a Lyft in just a few seconds using the Lyft Facebook Messenger and Lyft Slack bots, or even the Lyft Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo. Need to give your thumbs a break? No problem, since you don’t have to swipe between apps. Request a ride with simply a chat or voice command. 


Lyft Facebook Messenger

The Lyft Facebook Messenger bot simplifies the task of ordering a ride and letting your friends know your location and ETA.


With Messenger in the hands of over half a billion technology enthusiasts, Lyft clearly has the right idea. The engagement between Lyft and Messenger makes it easier for people to request rides while on the go. You can just click the car icon while chatting with your buddies and instantly become matched with local drivers. The friendly Lyft Facebook Messenger bot lets you know when your driver is on the way, shows a picture of their license plate number and what car they’ll be riding.

In addition to Messenger, Lyft has also navigated into the world of Slack. Lyft team leader Vishay Nihalani explains:“The goal is to make Lyft ubiquitous across a constellation of apps and services and to provide our passengers with access to transportation wherever our passengers are.”


Lyft Facebook and Slack Bots


The integration of Lyft on both Slack and Messenger makes it easier to keep each other informed. The group atmosphere really comes in handy when you need to let a friend know where you’re headed. Customer service is improved as well. Unlike the Lyft app where customers need to call the driver on the road, help is available from 5am to 9pm through the Lyft Facebook Messenger chatbot. On Slack, passengers can request #Lyft rides and trip related information by typing in slash commands. Simply type /lyft in any channel to receive a cheat sheet of Lyft related keywords to use. You can determine ETA’s, available vehicle types, and fare costs from the convenience of the Slack app.

Have you tried out Lyft on Messenger, Slack. or Amazon Echo? Have any unique experiences you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.