In anticipation of the Power Rangers movie scheduled for release later this year, Lionsgate Partners have teamed up with Imperson to create a chatbot. Users can now chat with the Alpha 5 bot, the font of all knowledge in the Power Rangers’ world, and maybe glean some valuable knowledge about the movie.


Lionsgate Power Rangers Alpha5 Bot


Deriving its personality from the character of Alpha 5, the bot has a sharp sense of humor, is prone to sarcasm, and shows an entertaining lack of understanding about the human race. Alpha 5 is definitely fun to hang out with, but don’t expect to be showered with straightforward information about the movie – this bot doesn’t give much away. Cryptic hints and riddles are standard, along with poorly executed jokes and cagey references.


Lionsgate Power Rangers Alpha5 Bot


The initial phase of the bot was made to introduce users to Alpha, and this new stage allows for a little more autonomy. It’s possible to interact with the story a bit more and make choices that influence events.

Nevertheless, Alpha remains conservative with knowledge even in the face of questioning. The main aim appears to be a relationship building exercise to get fans of the movie geared up for the release. In this, it’s a success, as the bot’s wit and charm can’t fail to strike endearment into the even the most cold-hearted human.


Lionsgate Power Rangers Alpha5 Bot


Eyal Pfeifel, Co-founder and CTO of Imperson (the company behind the bot), believes that this kind of software is the way forward for marketing. It’s important, in his view, to give potential customers and fans the kind of experience that they will choose to pursue.

He said: “With the rise of ad blockers, consumers already have the choice of what they want to see, so instead of forcing customers to watch an ad they’ll hate, give them the choice to share awesome content.”

Imperson prides itself on creating natural-sounding, entertaining chatbots that really embody the character of their subject. Alpha 5 is a great example of this, with its sardonic wit and cutting sarcasm, creating an enjoyable vibe that remains faithful to the original character.

For Alpha 5, the journey is not over yet. The third phase of the bot is still awaiting release, although we aren’t sure what this will bring. Perhaps users will be rewarded with some more information about the upcoming movie. The current phase of the bot is a little lacking in multimedia, so perhaps this will be a focus of future installments.

For now, though, this bot may not be the clearest source of Power Rangers information, but it’s certainly an entertaining way to spend some time. It’s also available on several platforms including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Twitter, and the movie’s own website, so there’s really no excuse for not checking it out.

Evan Fisk, Lionsgate VP of Digital Marketing, told TOPBOTS: “We are very pleased with the engagement. The bot had hundreds of thousands of conversations, and users spent an average of five to seven minutes talking to Alpha 5.”

Did you have a chat with the Alpha 5 bot? Manage to get any spoilers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.