In this terrifying world of climate change and energy crises, many people have turned to hybrid crossover vehicles as their savior. Kia has joined the eco trend with its new Niro model, and is making use of a Facebook Messenger Kia bot to keep potential customers informed. The chatbot is a pretty groundbreaking move, as few other vehicle manufacturers have made use of conversational technologies to promote their brand.

The Kia team worked with Ansible, a company well-versed in the art of creating chatbots, and the quality really reflects this. Users will be impressed by the clean and simple layout of the Kia bot, which breaks down the information into sections such as Design, Technology and Hybrid Engineering, and conveys content in small, digestible points. Illustrated with large, richly detailed photographs which can be expanded to full screen, the bot allows users to really admire the car.


Kia Bot Niro Facebook


For those who are enticed, the bot links directly to the Kia website, where interested parties can browse more detailed information. The chatbot alone, though, contains an impressive amount of information related to the Niro’s features and spec.


Kia Bot Niro Facebook


Kimberly Gardiner, director of marketing for Kia Motors America, hopes that “Kicking off our pre-launch strategy [for Niro] by breaking new ground with our bot for Messenger [will] make the new-car research process much easier and more efficient for shoppers.”

The Kia bot uses an entertaining question-and-answer format to educate users on various aspects of the Niro car and its technology, using emoticons, images and witty colloquial chat to explain complex ideas in an understandable way. If this interaction is still not enough to satisfy, users can connect to a real-life human member of staff. This happens straight from the bot, making for an easy and painless transition.

If the Kia bot’s sleek design is convincing enough, users have the option to arrange a test drive, there and then, in a relatively quick and simple process. This is a smart way of ensuring customers make a commitment while the idea is fresh in their minds.

There isn’t much scope for improvement with the NiroBot, other than adding to the already impressive visual aspects with some GIFs or videos, or add a little more detail to its descriptions. However, the brevity of information is a strength rather than a weakness.

There’s no denying the fact that Kia have produced a formidable bot, smartly getting ahead of their competitors to make use of the increasingly popular chatbot medium. For prospective buyers, the bot provides a genuinely helpful rundown of the Niro, delivered in a pleasant and even friendly manner. So if you’re an environmentalist – or just a driver – with a tight schedule, the NiroBot is your knight in shining armor.

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