We can all agree on one thing: printer menus suck. Having to deal with printer setup or navigate through a bazillion obscure options to get a document set up correctly is a total waste of time. Instead, you can now use the HP Print Facebook bot to save time and sanity.

HP Print’s bot simplifies printing. You can simply upload the photo or document you want printed and the bot will sort out the logistics for you. Not only can you send print jobs to your own home printer, you can send them anywhere in the world.


hp print facebook bot

No more silly hassles with printer menus. Just upload the photo you want printed and HP Print bot takes care of the rest. David Packard and Bill Hewlett would be proud.


David Parry, HP Innovation Manager, is excited about conversational platforms: “Eventually, bots will be able to handle very administrative tasks in a very easy way — reservations, hotels, banking. As Artificial Intelligence is able to anticipate needs and proactively talk to you, it’ll get more exciting.”

Have you tested the HP Print Facebook bot? Let us know if you find the bot easier to use than a printer. Just leave a comment below.