If this election cycle has got you nervous, but you’re still not motivated enough to waddle through the bureaucracy of voter registration, then HelloVote is for you. You can accomplish virtually any other task on your smartphone, so why shouldn’t you be able to perform your democratic duty of enabling yourself to vote? Simply text 384-387 to kick off the process.

The HelloVote chatbot is available over SMS and on Facebook Messenger. No longer do unpaid political volunteers need to go door to door to plead with you to cast your vote. After all, you’re far more addicted to responding to your smartphone than you are to a stranger at your door.


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With the power of new technology, we won’t have over 30% of eligible voters not properly registered like we did in previous election cycles. With voters between 18-24, the registration numbers are even worse. HelloVote deliberately adopted a texting interface since texting is second-nature to millennials. With HelloVote, many of the reasons people don’t vote – such as confusing registration paperwork, technical challenges, or missed deadlines – become moot.

Elana Berkowitz, one of HelloVote’s five co-founders, spent two years working on policy and technology for the Obama administration. Berkowitz observes that “[Although] companies use a lot of the forward-thinking technologies, we haven’t seen that trickle down to some of the very basic aspects of our civic lives.” HelloVote has secured partners like MTV, West Elm, Rock The Vote, and Twilio to spread the news about their easy voter registration process.

While other services – such as VotePlz and GoVoteBot – have launched with similar functionality, all companies in the space share the same goal: 100% voter turnout. We’re still a long ways away from that ideal.

Did you register to vote with HelloVote or another easy voter registration service? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.